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Randstad North, 1 Star year 2024

This subscription is a personal OV chip card subscription. The price depends on your age and the course you want to take. The Randstad Noord Zone subscription is available as a monthly and annual subscription.

With the Randstad North Zone subscription, you can travel with all lines and almost all night lines of GVB, Connexxion, EBS and Keolis (regular buses only) in the area North Holland and Almere as long as your centre zone is within the Randstand North area. The Randstad North Zone subscription is not valid on the train.

  • Does not work in combination with NS Flex / Businesscard on one OV- Chipcard.
  • Click here for an overview of the Randstad North zones.
  • How do I find my centre zone? Click here.

Please note that we have found that many travelers incorrectly select zone 4955 as their center zone because this is the first zone in which Almere is mentioned. We want to emphasize once again that choosing an incorrect center zone will result in the subscription not working properly. It is very important that you select the right zone that suits your travel needs. Below you can find out and select which zone that is.

  • € 1.239,00